Creating a Decentralized Sustainable Economy: Vegancoin

Creating a Decentralized Sustainable Economy: Vegancoin


Veganism has become a worldwide phenomenon. Many people now eat plant-based diets, with an estimated 300 million vegans worldwide. And that number continues to grow, driving the vegan economy with it.

But most vegans don’t just eliminate animal products from their diets — they refuse to participate in economic matters that contribute to animal exploitation. Cosmetic products tested on animals, clothing items made from animals, anything made by an organization with a track record of animal cruelty or exploitation … all lose profits at the hand of human herbivores. 

But in the financial world, one party’s loss is another’s gain. Countless businesses have begun to capitalize on the vegan trend, creating products and services catering to those who make purchasing choices based on strict and specific criteria.


There’s a problem here, however. While events like vegan street fairs and family-friendly festivals have become a boom for related businesses, these things limit an organization’s sphere of influence to their individual locality. As a result, with a few large brand-name exceptions, most vegan businesses are small, local, and unknown outside of their communities.

Apps like HappyCow, that allows users to find vegan-friendly restaurants wherever they go, demonstrate this reality well. When traveling, most vegans have trouble finding good food options, as the best spots are usually only known by locals. HappyCow stepped in to fill this market need. 

What about the rest of the vegan business world? What if there were a way to connect all of it and organize it around a new, decentralized economy? 

VeganCoin: A Market 300 Million Strong

In March of 2018, the launch of Vegan Nation and its designated cryptocurrency, Vegan Coin, was announced. Vegan Nation is “the first global vegan-friendly decentralized nation.”

Vegan Nation brings vegan-verified goods and services together in a single online space, including platforms for things like:

– Content sharing

– Meal sharing

– E-commerce

– Meet-ups


Central to all of this will be the VeganCoin cryptocurrency. According to, VeganCoin is designed to be:

“One currency designed to strengthen vegan trade, help cruelty-free businesses thrive, and empower the global vegan community.”

Using VeganCoin, vegans around the world will be able to pay for the vegan-verified goods and services they desire. The financial ecosystem that revolves around VeganCoin will only involve products that vegans would be willing to purchase in the first place.

That means not only animal cruelty-free products but also environmentally sustainable ones. Businesses that become Vegan Nation partners and enter the Vegan Coin marketplace must “support and promote values of cruelty-free trade and sustainability.”

VeganCoin Unites a Vast Global Community via Blockchain

VeganNation and VeganCoin serve to bring together an otherwise fragmented and localized global community of over 300 million strong while making it easier for everyone involved to find and buy the things they want. 

Such is the power of blockchain technology. Localized economies can now be globally interconnected without the need for any centralized mechanism of control.  

It’s a beautiful thing, really. Bringing people together, connecting them without centralizing them, and giving them the power to spend their money the way they want, on the things they want, in a way that suits their lifestyle.