We leverage digital communications to help you win.

Win the Journey

Awareness & Thought Leadership

Our PR strategies and campaigns, equipped with dynamic messaging and precise targeting, place your project in front of thousands of potential customers.

Interest & Excitement

Through a consistent dose of re-engagement strategies, including content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing, these people garner exponentially more enthusiasm for your project.

Loyalty & Advocacy

In addition to establishing an exclusive digital community on relevant platforms, we deploy growth and nurturing strategies to keep members consistently engaged, and to reward your emerging supporters.

Our Expertise

We don’t pretend to be good at everything, but our globally distributed team specializes in the following areas of expertise for IEO, crypto, and blockchain projects.

Brand Messaging Strategy

What is the core narrative of your organization? How can we describe it in one sentence? While this seems simple, it is actually a crucial step for every successful IEO, crypto, and blockchain project. All the press coverage and marketing in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right message. Period. The blockchain world is changing constantly, and our experience allows us to build messaging that resonates, not only in the moment, but six-to-12 months from now.

Crypto & General Public Relations

Once we create your brand message, we need the world to know about it. We have worked in crypto for many years and have very strong connections with most of the key journalists in the space. We also have a very successful technology PR background that allows us to target verticals in everything from open source to data science, to ecommerce and consumer electronics.

Thought Leadership

We want to make your organization a thought leader. We do this by creating superior content which we publish on your channels, as well as placing editorials that we ghostwrite for you. We then offer your key individuals to media for interviews as an expert available for commentary on topics which are relevant to your technology. This helps build a very strong community.

Internal Communications

Internal communications are content focused towards your community. Generally, articles on your organization’s blog and/or Medium account should always be written in a tone that directly communicates with people who support your project. Our goal is to produce a steady stream of concise communications and thought leadership articles that have technical expertise. This is tricky to do, of course, since you are the expert on your own technology, but we have skilled technical writers who can step in and produce great content that engages with your community.

Brand Storytelling

Blockchain companies usually appeal to the left side of the brain — facts, tech, numbers, complicated solutions. Brand storytelling, however, is proven to be a more effective method of communications. Appealing to the right side of the brain creates deeper levels of interest and excitement surrounding your brand, from users and investors, to journalists and influencers. As the marketing axiom goes, “Brand lovers are brand buyers.”

Marketing in a Digital World

Are you doing digital marketing, or are you marketing in a digital world? We focus on the latter, combining content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing to generate engagement, excitement, and meaningful metrics, such as lead generation, user acquisition, and community growth.

Community Building

Building a strong community is what separates successful blockchain projects from the rest. Most of our efforts in marketing and communications are all done to build a large group of loyal supporters around your project. In the world of blockchain, this is what gives projects value, inspires people to contribute and build applications, and drives word-of-mouth.

Community Management

Once you’ve built a community, you need to keep members engaged and ultimately turn them into loyal, long-term supporters. We offer high-quality community management services which staff your community channels with experts who are available 24/7. In addition, we employ the latest marketing techniques to generate engagement and, ultimately, loyalty in your community.

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