Crypto PR, Marketing and Communications for Blockchain Startups, Brands, ICOs and IEOs

Crypto PR, Marketing and Communications for Blockchain Startups, Brands, ICOs and IEOs


BlockGroup was founded in 2018 by Addison Huegel, a new technology communications and marketing specialist who formerly worked for Ethereum, and has since grown his portfolio to include some of the leading brands, startups, and investment houses in the blockchain and crypto fields.

With a distributed team of blockchain marketing agency professionals spanning four continents, we believe in a world run on the blockchain, by helping projects creatively connect with their target customers, including crypto PR, marketing and communications, as well as such blockchain PR and cryptocurrency public relations and other crypto PR services (i.e. communications, marketing, community management) for startups, established companies and brands, ICOs, IEOs, and cryptocurrencies in this space.

At BlockGroup, we aren’t just crypto PR, blockchain PR, crypto marketing, and blockchain marketing specialists. We’re also crypto specialists and investors who bring years of experience, from traditional PR and marketing fields, to running successful ICO and IEO projects.

Our team includes founders, advisors, and core project team members from an impressive range of projects. We know the crypto audience because we live and breathe blockchain. We think your project deserves more attention and recognition from the wider blockchain ecosystem, investor communities, and influential crypto projects.

BlockGroup is considered one of the top crypto PR agencies, thanks to our work with household-name brands, startups, and investment houses in the space, in addition to conferences such as San Francisco Blockchain Week and Berlin Blockchain Week.


Crypto PR Services and Blockchain PR Services

Like journalists, we go through a fact- and story-finding process about your organization and its key personnel — and then we convert this information into a number of story ideas which are fleshed out as story pitches to the media over time.

Our objective is to come out of the box quickly, write stories for your approval, pitch those stories, and obtain press hits and interviews. As former journalists, we put our effort into creative stories and pitching to generate results.

In addition to press releases, article pitches, expertizing pitches, executive profiles, and trade event pitches, we offer the following:

Message Development & Brand Storytelling – What is the message of your organization? How do we describe y0ur organization in one sentence? While this seems simple, it is actually a crucial step for every successful project. All the press coverage and marketing in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right message. Period. The blockchain world is changing constantly, and our experience allows us to build messaging that resonates, not only in the moment, but in six months and one year from now.

Crypto and General Public Relations Once we build your message, we need the world to know about it. We have worked in crypto for many years and have very strong connections with most of the key journalists and influencers in the space. We also have a very successful technology PR background, which allows us to target verticals such as Open Source and Data Science, to Ecommerce and Consumer Electronics.

Thought Leadership We want to make the top people in your organization thought leaders. We do this by first creating superior content which we publish on your channels (e.g. blog, Medium), as well as placing this content as editorials written “by you.” We then offer you to media for interviews as an expert available for commentary on topics which are relevant to your technology. This helps build a very strong community.

Internal Communications “Internal communications” are focused towards your community. Generally, articles on your Medium account and/or blog should always be written in a tone which directly communicates with the people who support your project. Our goal is to produce a steady stream of concise communications and thought leadership articles which demonstrate technical expertise. This is tricky to do, of course, since you are the expert on your own technology, but we do have skilled technical writers who can step in and produce great content which engages and excites your community.


Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency and Blockchain Marketing Agency Services

Within the context of a comprehensive, agile Strategy & Plan of Action, we offer the following cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing services:

Content Marketing – We consistently produce and distribute various types of content, including articles, videos, and graphics, designed to increase exposure, engagement, excitement, and trust within your target audience(s).

Social Media Marketing – We define, develop, and deploy micro strategies for each social media platform which is relevant to your core goals and objectives.

Search Engine Marketing – We define, develop, and distribute content which results in better and a greater amount of listings related to keywords and search terms in Google and other popular search engines.

Email Marketing – We leverage the underutilized use of email to keep your target audience(s) engaged and move them closer, faster, to your desired calls-to-action.

Paid Media Marketing – We define, develop, and deploy strategies for maximizing your investment in paid media, including social media advertising, search engine advertising, and paid content distribution.

Event Marketing – We develop and deploy strategies for maximizing your presence, exposure, and engagement at conferences, conventions and other events.

Lead & Sales Generation – We develop a multichannel lead funnel that results in your desired calls-to-action, sales offerings, and goals.


More Crypto PR, Blockchain PR, Crypto Marketing, and Blockchain Marketing Services

Influencer Relations – With close relationships across an extensive list of crypto and blockchain influencers, we generate special pitches to reach YouTube, podcast and other influencers. The goal is to generate longterm relationships with key influencers who are respected by your community and watched closely by investors.

Community Growth & Management – We offer strategic advice and support from experienced community managers on key areas, including: recruitment and deployment of community managers/admins, rostering and 24-hour coverage by region, support for setting up community platforms, social media management, templates for internal communications (e.g. FAQs, Medium articles, guides), communication schedule management, community growth hacking management (e.g. bounty program management), use of bots to scale processes (e.g. whitelist bot), social media engagement, crisis management, and daily briefings.

Personal Branding – Today’s companies make a concerted effort to put a face (or a few faces) to their name. We develop and deploy marketing and branding strategies for maximizing the exposure, engagement, and interest surrounding key personnel within and related to your organization, according to your organizational goals and other measures of success. The strategies include personal website development and management, social media, email marketing, and content marketing (e.g. thought leadership).

If you are interested in collaborating with us in any or all capacities as outlined above, please contact us at your convenience.